SMART 11H Catalog

Electric buses that think about people
and the environment.
Experience a New Electrotechnical Bus.

Superior Performance and Future-Oriented Design!
We offer the best service at a reasonable price.

  • 아이콘 Maximum power 435ps/320kW
  • 아이콘 Battery (3 Packs) 204kWh
  • 아이콘 Tire 11R22.5-16PR
자동차 내부 이미지

Design for the driver

With legroom expansion and new ergonomics trends,
Highlight the driver's convenience and safety.

Driver System

- Apply design highlighting driver convenience.
- Apply New Dashboard Design.
- Monitoring System Embedded Metaclusion.
- 7inch LCD Display applied.

  • Steering wheel
    with advanced wood grain
  • We need to create a sense of control,perception, and grip.
    Door levers considered at the same time.
  • monitoring System Embedded Metaclusion.
  • Apply New Call Button and USB Port.


Experience the SMART 11H convenience, designed primarily for the safety and comfort of your passengers.


  • 이미지 New Call Button
  • 이미지 New USB Charging Port
  • 이미지 Lamp
  • 이미지 LED Interior Light


Best performance and durability of SAMRT 11H with a thoroughly validated safety design.
You can use only the parts you have for longer and safer driving

  • 이미지 High Energy Lithium lon Battery Pack
  • 이미지 320kW PM Motor
  • 이미지 Front Axle
  • 이미지 Rear Axle


With a cloud-based real-time remote monitoring system, you can continue to enhance capabilities and support new services even after you leave the factory.



Seating Capacity(person) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Overhang (Front/Rear)
21 + 29 + 01(1set)
27 + 29 + 01(2set)
10,870 2,480 3,545 3160/2410
Wheel Base(mm) Wheel Track(Front/Rear) Tire Power Suspension system
5,300 2,090/1,860 11R22.5-16PR 320kW/4,500rpm Wide Air Suspension

* The driving distance may vary depending on car configuration, battery usage time and condition, driving style and operation, or environmental and climatic conditions.
* Specifications and specifications are subject to change without notice to improve the performance of the product.
* The color of the product registered on this screen is arbitrary and may differ slightly from the actual color and may not be applied to all variants.