SMART 11HG(Euro6) Catalog Online ordering

A new standard for urban buses,
Welcome to the world of design innovation!

Combining the composure of nature and the richness of the vehicle, there is a mixture of charisma and tenderness.
We've come back with innovative styles that differentiate us from traditional buses.

  • 아이콘 Maximum power 310ps
  • 아이콘 Displacement 11,051cc
  • 아이콘 Maximum torque 125kg·m
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Comfortable Drive

For the comfortable and comfortable driving of drivers and passengers. Edison Motors provides an optimized space.

Driver Seat

- Adjusting the damping force
- Seat height adjustment
- Back and sides support
- Armrest, backrest angle adjustment

- Adjust the seat position before and after
- Rapid exhaust (sheet height dropping)
- Position before and after seat cushion, adjust angle of up/down

  • Applied to new ergonomics trends.
    All New Dashboard Design
  • We need to create a sense of control,perception, and grip.
    Door levels considered at the same time
  • Monitoring System Embedded Metaclusion
  • Apply New Call Button and USB Port

Comfort for Passenger

To provide comfort and comfort for our passengers, we have applied the latest design techniques
To provide a wide view of windows and a spacious interior.

  • 이미지
  • 이미지

  • 이미지 New Call Button
  • 이미지 New USB Charging Port
  • 이미지 Lamp
  • 이미지 LED LED Interior Light


The SMART 11HG features an eco-friendly Euro6 engine, improving emissions and noise and improving fuel economy.

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Seating Capacity(person) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Overhang (Front/Rear)
21 + 27 + 01(1set)
27 + 21 + 01(2set)
33 + 08 + 01(3set)
10,870 2,480 3,300 2,430 / 3,200
Wheel Base(mm) Wheel Track(Front/Rear) Type Power Torque(kg.m)
5,300 2,090/1,860 GX12P 310ps 125
Cylinders / Displacement(cc) Fuel tank Volume Tire
6 / 11,051 870 (1032) 11R22.5-16PR

* The driving distance may vary depending on car configuration, driving style and operation, or environmental and climatic conditions.
* Specifications and specifications are subject to change without notice to improve the performance of the product.
* The color of the product registered on this screen is arbitrary and may differ slightly from the actual color and may not be applied to all variants.